Congratulations! You are Getting Married!

If youʼve found me here, chances are you are looking for a wedding officiant, someone to distill your precious love into words that speak of your unique connection and potential as a couple. You are hoping for a ceremony that expresses your joy, excitement and the reverence you have for your meeting. You’re excited to be joined together as life partners in marriage, one of the most profound expressions of relationship and love on this planet. You know in your heart you have made a brave but easy decision to marry and you want to share this milestone with your most precious family and friends…

Here we are, no doubt brought together by an article or the click of a key or serendipity or by someone who referred you to me. You are hoping to find the most resonant person to create and deliver a memorable and heartfelt ceremony that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. I am so thrilled and grateful to meet you and look forward to taking the next step.

Speaking of next step. Let’s schedule a phone call or Skype to begin to get to know each other. Iʼll ask you to share your hopes and thoughts for the ceremony, as well as the logistics of the day, specifically where, when and the number of guests. Iʼll share who I am and my experiences as they relate to your needs and Iʼll share some of my thoughts and ideas for your ceremony based on what I am hearing. We would then pick a time to meet, preferably in person, so that I can get to know you as individuals and as a couple, which will enable me to write your bespoke service. I will lead the way as we collaborate to the degree you feel comfortable being engaged in the process. We can include music, poems or readings or rituals if they help us tell your story. You can write your own vows or I can write them for you. I will be with you every step of the way from the time we meet until your wedding day where I will deliver a unique, heartfelt and carefully crafted ceremony that is the centerpiece of your wedding day!