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Rev. Jody Lotito-Levine, Wedding Celebrant

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If youʼve found me here, chances are you are looking for a wedding officiant, someone to distill your precious love into words that speak of your unique connection and potential as a couple. You are hoping for a ceremony that expresses your joy, excitement and the reverence you have for your meeting. You’re excited to be joined together as life partners in marriage, one of the most profound expressions of relationship and love on this planet. You know in your heart you have made a brave but easy decision to marry and you want to share this milestone with your most precious family and friends…

A little more about my work.

I am an ordained Interfaith and Interspiritual Minister who has been officiating weddings, vow renewels, memorials, and baby blessings for over 10 years from coast to coast and around the world. I am also a spiritual counselor and parent coach who services individuals, couples and families. I have married heterosexual and same sex couples in formal and informal settings of 4 to 400, indoor and outdoor, casual and formal in a wide variety of venues. Iʼve done countless weddings in NYC, along the waterfront in Jersey City and Hoboken, where I live, as well as in the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida and abroad.

Shelli & Sam

"Reverend Jody was absolutely amazing. The ceremony that she created for us was so personal and wonderfully written. She was so lovely to work with and her genuine love for what she does shows in every step of the process. She truly listened to who we are and created a service that we will never forget. We are so grateful to have had the chance to be married by her and we would HIGHLY recommend to her anyone looking for a truly personalized and meaningful ceremony."

Marlena & John

“Now looking back I am in awe of Jody. She was so easily able to keep us both feeling safe as we shared emotions both of us had kept inside for some time. Jody’s honesty and delivery system is a unique gift. We left unsure of all our wedding plans except one…wherever and however Jody would be the one to marry us.”

Val & Susan

"Jody was very helpful putting together a meaningful and spiritual service for our wedding. She offered insightful suggestions and I am thrilled that ALL our guests remarked that ours was a unique and very special wedding. I HIGHLY recommend using Jody for any occasion." "Rev. Jody is the best of the best! She brings her warm and loving spirit to whatever event you are planning. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have the personal service of Rev. Jody along with a loving and warm heart to walk with you through all of your planning and be by your side throughout your event."

Kristen & Andrew

"Andy and I had a great experience working with Jody, from the first emails all the way to our wedding day! Her warmth and compassion comes through in all that she does. She went beyond what we expected from an officiant, for our first meeting we spent nearly 3 hours chatting and getting to know one another. She made us feel very comfortable with her creative process, and we felt we were involved in the designing of our ceremony. We've had many friends and family members compliment the ceremony saying it was personal and touching, and we couldn't agree more! Thank you, Jody, for helping to make our wedding day so special!"

A little more about me and LOVE.

Simply put, I live from my heart and am in love with LOVE - in all forms, shapes and sizes - in itʼs ever evolving uniqueness that breathes life into each moment. What a gift it is to love and be loved and pass it on in the myriad of ways we come together to experience our lives. It is no surprise to those who know me that I express myself personally and professionally through punctuating acts of love. I am also a passionate mom, consummate professional, and treasured friend. I am an artist and a taskmaster, a caring, tender and fierce human. I am a writer and a deep listener who has an uncanny and learned ability to reflect back the truth. I am committed to falling in love with myself every day, regardless of trial or tribulation, and I invite you to do the same. Love is messy and so are we. Love is beautiful and so are we. Love is pure and unlimited potential and so are we! I am an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation. I love the weave of friendship and food and good conversation. I am insatiably curious about the meaning of life and how to shine our light in the world. I love to laugh. I feel my way through each day and am keenly aware that every moment is precious and every person who crosses my life a gift. You are a gift which I hope to share.

Roxanne and Bill

“There's something about Jody that makes you feel like she is part of your family even after only knowing her for a short time. After our initial Skype conversation with Jody, my wife and I decided we felt pretty good about choosing Jody to preside over our wedding ceremony. When it came time to write the ceremony itself, Jody invited us to her home for coffee and conversation. I don't think I will ever forget how I felt leaving Jody's house that day. My wife and I are generally very hesitant to share our feelings with anyone, but somehow we opened up to Jody. Walking back to my car, I was completely confident that we had made the right choice with Jody. Leading up to our wedding day we worked with Jody to write a truly personal ceremony. On our big day Jody was everywhere she needed to be and the wedding ceremony was flawless.

Jody is a professional and a fantastic writer. But more importantly, she was able to connect personally with Roxanne and me. I think, if I had to give advice to couples looking for an officiant, find someone you can connect emotionally with. Your wedding ceremony should be filled with emotion, namely the love between you and your partner, and the love your family and friends have for the two of you. Jody has an undeniable talent in bringing that emotion out, and understanding how you and your partner feel about each other on a very deep level. I would recommend Jody without reservation.

Jody, thank you for being an important part of the best day of my life.”

Hai & Hong Nhung

"Words cannot express how grateful we are to you and FOR you. Not only did you marry us on our desired date and time, but you went as far as opening up your home to us; given such a short notice too. You're such a wonderful, loving and thoughtful person. We're blessed to have you as our officiant. Your speech was beautiful, as is your heart."

Jessica & Francis

"Rev. Jody Lotito Levine is an exceptional officiant, but above all she is an extraordinarily warm and genuine soul! Initially my fiance and I had found her by chance (here on Wedding Wire), but by the end of our journey, we both KNEW that Jody was destined to bless us and our marriage. Jody's kind, understanding and loving demeanor quickly pulled us in. She is patient and listened to our every word...our every sentiment. Jody was always available and was truly interested in getting to know us, our love story. She felt it within her to represent our love in the most honorable, respectful, beautiful and unique of ceremonies. Her guidance has been remarkable, and we know this to be true due to her compassionate, caring and easy-going nature. Through our meetings, prior to our wedding day, the three of us found an irreplaceable and special interconnectedness. Her presence was duly noted during and after our ceremony as our guests had many compliments about Jody. They told us that her words were both soft and alluring and her spirit bright and sincere! Trust in me when I say it was absolutely a ceremony to remember! In Jody, not only did we find an outstanding officiant, but we also found a heartfelt friend."

Barbara and Stephen

Stephanie & Will

Richard & Joe